IMESC Has Issued the First Edition of its Journal

The Institute for Middle East Studies - Canada has recently issued the first edition of its biannual journal: “The Canadian Journal for Middle East Studies." Dr. Gahad Hamed, president of the IMESC, has stated that it will be a unique addition for global libraries in the areas of politics, history, and religion. He has called upon all scholars and researchers to help achieve the mission of the IMESC by publishing their research with the journal.

The first edition  includes:

  • Radicalism in the Middle East: Opening Remarks

Gahad Hamed

  • Tunisian Fighters Joining the War in Syria (and Iraq): A Comparative Study

Guillaume Corneau-Tremblay

  • From Evin To Karbala 4 : Theological Justifications for Violence in Iran in the 80s

Amin Mansouri

  • The Violent God: Religion, Identity, and War

William A. Stahl; Ahmed Sabawi

  • State Power and Radicalization in Egypt’s Sinai

Angela Joya; Evrim Gormus

  • Between the Hammer of the Occupation and the Anvil of Corruption: Who Radicalizes the Palestinians?

Abdalhadi Alijla