Gaza: A City No One Wants


As Palestinians commemorate the 68th anniversary of the Nakba, literally “catastrophe” in Arabic, when the indigenous people of Palestine were driven out of Palestine into exile, and the Israeli state was established, there is a new Nakba taking place in tandem with the ongoing Nakba. This new Nakba is the political division between Hamas and Fatah. The division between the two parties, the siege on Gaza and the stubborn leadership of Hamas have led to catastrophic consequences in the Gaza Strip: high unemployment, increased rates of suicide, power shortages, shortage of water supply, shortage of medical supplies, hardships in general wellbeing, higher rates of poverty, a crushing siege on the Gaza strip, increased taxes on necessary goods imposed by Hamas, corruption, distrust between people and institutions and between themselves, higher political repression and arbitrary arrests among Gaza’s activists. This situation has created a feeling that has become quite common among the population of Gaza, and is best represented by the ongoing joke, “Police have arrested a Gazan who has hope”. No hope. No future. No future.