Call for Working Papers

The purpose of the IMESC Working Paper series is to circulate the results of ongoing research in international institutions that focus on the Middle East within the research community and thus to encourage discussion and stimulate critical comments within the field as well as to enhance networking and potential cooperation among researchers. 


Submitted paper should be confined to topics within the field of Middle Eastern Studies  and employ scientific methods in the analysis and/or be of relevance to Middle East policy questions. Empirical, theoretical as well as policy-oriented contributions are welcome. Submitted papers are subject to a screening process to ensure that they fall into the above specified topic as well as to ensure the general quality of the paper. However, there is no proper refereeing process in view of the intention of the series to stimulate discussion among the research community and to allow for suggestions for revision before submission to a scientific journal.


Especially young researches, who are interested in feedback previous to a possible publication in a scientific journal, are invited to submit their research papers.


If you are interested in publishing your working paper on IMESC website, please send a copy of your working paper to: 


Note: there is no deadline. The call for papers in ongoing all the year.