Chemistry of the Middle East Terrorism

There is no comparison or similarity between the language of thought, creative dialogue and fruitful discussion, and the language of terror, intimidation and repression. The language of thought does not need justification to hold up the bridges of communication with the other. Because this represents accurately the normal human nature. There are no pressures to force you or even require you to think. You just slide into it voluntarily in connection with individuals, issues, relationships, beliefs, history and the hereafter. Freedom is the pivotal guardianship of any creative thought, but the language of terrorism has been always in dire need of regenerated justifications. This is because the act of intimidation is an unnatural act, which requires that individuals surrender to the brunt of negative mechanisms they believe most effective and most beneficial in its effect. Rather, it surpasses any other language. Actually, the sovereignty of the language of terrorism contradicts completely with the language of reason and logic, as the first is exercised in place of the latter. Hence, this brings up the issue of failure of self-assertion except with the disgraceful negative action, so it tends to antagonize the other, and then terrorize him!

Perhaps, the issue of terrorism with its breadth of aspects, locally, regionally and internationally, has taken extended durations of dealing with, but nevertheless still current and live.

Possibly, the most recent panoramic scenes of terrorist act have been materialized in the despicable practices of the Brotherhood group, which has exercised power dictatorship and tyranny, and has practiced physical terrorism as well, when they destroyed national installations, and never worried about the national pastimes. They also exercised moral and intellectual terrorism when they paid lip service of what they believe an Islamic ideology ignoring the concept of culture. They fought the arts, and receded into their shell of isolated hotbed, observing only its imagined self, and judging and evaluating issues through the two sides of the abhorrent equation, namely: believe and disbelief. Therefore, they split society into two categories: one is the transgressing misguided category, and the other is the category of the infallible saviors. The criterion for societal classification has become according to faith, which –of course- is not a neutral standard, but it is open to the caprice, sectarian and tribal prejudice. Even Al-Azhar –the highest religious authority in the Islamic world- has not escaped the clutches of this trap, which is –in itself- is a corrupt standard for judging, because it questioned the tools and methods of evaluation, not the evaluated subject.

The Brotherhood entity is a traitor to the nation, the religion and the humanity, and has imagined that power would be eternal, rather it imagined eternity of this world. It firmly and secretly believed in the secrecy of its actions, the genius of its plots, and its passion for sovereignty, the presents of seduction, the art of conflict and quibbling, proficiency in lying, blur the facts, spreading fallacies, and claiming to have fruits of knowledge and halos of holiness.

The Brotherhood entity did not invest and could not represent the true religion in any of its dimensions. The Quran has presented the features of the sound dialogue theory, and put a unique style of debating, through which the right Muslim can reach his personal and doctrinal goals, and support the Muslim character.

However, the Brotherhood entity becomes filled with horror, overcome with fear, and plagued with anxiety when it enters the doors of dialogue, and steps into stormy controversies it cannot withstand, so it folds away and becomes subservient to delusions of armed violence, as they consider it an effective tool to resolve thought conflicts. Therefore, it masks this violence with the slogan of holy war, making followers come to it thinking that it is an obligation of the faith. This –in fact- is an explicit practice of terrorism in the name of the Islamic Shari'a. There is a huge gap between the perspectives of Jihad and terrorism.

It is true, that America has employed and revived – skillfully on the political and strategic levels- that ancient and contemporary colonial trend through her active contribution in establishing tentacle organizations of political Islam. She was able to provoke its bloody instincts in planting that black organization named «Daesh» to kill Islam under Islamic banners! Yes, she was able to dismantle the Arab and Islamic societies and penetrate its depths with the most effective weapon, i.e., the religious and sectarian conflict. This weapon fuels discords, and engages various tracks of political gibberish that lead to the collapse of governments and the consecutive fall of countries. This occurs in the framework of the largest expansionist project in modern history.

The «Daesh» group represents the legitimate brutal terrorism that is similar to the genocide wars, and replicates the horrors of the middle ages. It is the evolutionary stage of the «Al-Qaeda» group, which has become a monster of the past and improper historically. The both are the –off course- the offspring of the hated Brotherhood faction, which has bet on the enslavement of the Egyptians after it has been a humiliated servant in the neighborhood of the American campus. When the Brotherhood wanted to be free, they went back to their old habits of longing to hold power … any sort of power to heal their severe illnesses and the totally inhumane feelings.

Accordingly, the American writer and researcher Kurth Cronin, director of the international security program at George Mason University- submitted a leading objective study aimed at understanding the core differences separating «Al-Qaeda» and «Daesh». The first group has portrayed itself as embodying the movement of a global revolt capable of mobilizing Muslim communities against the secular governments, and presenting many arguments and religious pretexts justifying the killing of civilians. In addition to the intimate messages about the nature of altruism reflected in the suicide bombings and martyrdom for the sake of the Worldwide Islamic community. This faction has succeeded in drawing a heroic phony picture that portrayed them as ascetic pure combatants who retired from the world and favored the ascetic life in the caves!

Consequently, «Bin laden» portrayed as a man who disdained himself from wealth in order to achieve revolutionary goals that serve the issues of the Islamic nation. Hence, he was surrounded by an attractive halo seen by his followers who saw him as the ideal father, a smart leader, a brave knight, and moral example. So the faction has targeted the establishment of an Islamic state with utopian goals, and its strategy was based on educating and mobilizing the nation and the need for a profound change in the global system.

Kurth Cronin proposes in her accurate comparison the idea that «Daesh» has presented an entirely different message to its followers from the young men and women. It did not rely in its mechanisms on the issue of religious purity, but presented itself to the world as an adventurer organization led by an elite group of conscious youths with distinguished personalities, and refused to recognize the red lines. This in addition to an overwhelming self-consciousness that motivates towards insistence on executing the goals, even if they were contrary to the essence of the religion of Islam based on strange interpretations of the religious texts. They rely in their means on the use of the most brutal violence images to catch the eyes, confirming hegemony, and condemnation and contempt of any force that can deter them.

Therefore, the result of this in-depth study has shown that the «Daesh» organization has brought down with a great percentage the prestige and strategies of the mother organization called «Al-Qaeda». These were the major goals the US rallied for, which is in any case is a logical consequence, especially for those who wanted to understand some of the structural components of the organization. It has about forty thousand fighters from different nationalities. It controls vast areas inside Iraq, Syria and Libya, possesses superior US military capabilities, lines of communications, and complete control over extended infrastructure. It has the ability to face traditional armies, while «Al-Qaeda» lacked all these capabilities!

Hence, how can the Arab communities, the gone regimes and the existing ones eliminate a legendary organization with a bloody character that is considered the richest terrorist organization in history? What is the real significance behind Obama's admitting that «Daesh» can be marginalized but the impossibility of eliminating it? Was that due to the underperformance of the US military machine? Or the necessities of favoritism and maintaining the political and strategic affiliation? Or to save the US reputation, which has been overtaken by many international entities?

Based on this, does «Daesh» now represent the reality of «Al-Qaeda»'s future dream? Was «Al-Qaeda» the logical and strategic preamble for blurring the political boundaries in the Middle East, and «Daesh» is the actual translation of the greater western scheme? Would the future of «Daesh» be similar to the future of «Al-Qaeda»? History says; yes!