CJMES Editorial Board


  • Dr. Gahad Hamed: Department of Sociology, King's University, Western University, London, Ontario, Canada

Editorial Board

  • Prof. Dr. Bernard Sabella: Professor Emeritus of Sociology, Bethlehem University, Bethlehem Palestine; member, Justice and Peace Pontifical Commission – Jerusalem
  • Prof. Dr. Rabeeh Dibs, Lebanese University, Department of Humanities and Letters, Lebanon
  • Prof. Dr. Osama M. Abunahel: Department of History, Al-Azhar University-Gaza, Palestine 
  • Dr. Benjamin J. Muller: King’s University College at Western University, Department of Political Science, London, Ontario, Canada 
  • Dr. Mehmet Fatih: Istanbul Sehir University, Department of Sociology, Istanbul, Turkey
  • Prof. Dr. George Voskopoulos: Department of International and European Studies, Macedonia University, Greece
  • Dr. Wael Abu Hassan: Department of health sciences, faculty of Allied Medical Sciences, Arab American University, Palestine
  • Dr. Bernard Hammond: Department of Social Justice and Peace Studies, King's University, London, Ontario, Canada
  • Dr. Alexander Dawoody: Mary-wood University, Association for Middle Eastern Public Policy and Administration (AMEPPA), USA
  • Dr. Shaher Awawda: Middle Eastern politics, University of Exeter-UK