Main units

  • Political Analysis

  • Research and Studies

  • Languages, Culture and Heritage

  • Training and Capacity Building

  • Women and Child Development

  • Human Rights and Democracy

  • Fund Raising and Research Proposal

  • Community Development 


To provide a leading source of information, strategic policy development, research and academic work

Strategic Objectives of the Institute:

  • To prepare for serious studies of interest that contribute to the development of the region's issues and Middle East issues

  • To draw attention to decision-makers, professionals and the intelligentsia in Canada about the shifts and rapid changes of the Middle East region

  • To provide high-quality support to researchers, enabling them to obtain information and reports on social and cultural policy; to help and develop potential scientific research

  • To attract young researchers to the various programs of the Institute, especially those who specialize in studies of global excellence

  • To develop academic research work

  • To activate the role of women in society and policy-making

The Institute provides a range of essential services to researchers, decision makers, academics,  graduate students and to the local media.

The support programs of the institute are:

  • Library and Archive: The Institute works to equip a modern library to provide researchers the most important and latest studies on global issues in English and Arabic languages.

  • Preparation of diplomats: The Institute works to train those interested in different research topics and the three basic components of international relations, crisis management and the art of diplomatic protocol related to the Middle East and North America regions.

  • Institute Academic Journal of Studies (The Researcher): This is a scientific journal, published under the supervision of the editorial board of independent professionals and under the full supervision of the Institute for different studies of interests. The journal publishes original institute research, which takes care of bilingual studies of global interests in English and Arabic, the product of researchers in Canada, the Middle East, and around the world that have never been published before.

  • Periodic reports: The Institute issues a number of publications such as Middle East in the International Media, a  monthly report (newsletter) in English that addresses the most important issues about the work and activities of the IMESC as well as the work of Middle East research and studies published in newspapers around the world.

  • Listen

  • Read phonetically

  • Dictionary

The Institute’s Future Concerns:

The Institute is expected in the near future to have twinning agreements and cooperation with some research and studies centers in Canada and various places in the world to develop and service researchers, academics, graduate students and comprehensive and sustainable development, particularly in specialty studies related to global studies, the Arab and Muslim World and the Middle East in general.