The Institute for Middle East Studies-Canada (IMESC) was founded in June 2011 after being approved by the Canadian Ministry of Training, College and Universities. It was also registered with the Ministry of Government Services-Canada on September 2nd, 2011.

The IMESC is an independent non-profit and non-governmental and non-partisan organization based in London-Ontario. It was founded as an initiative by academics and activists to increase awareness of the Middle East amongst the Canadian population as well as to promote a better understanding between the peoples of these two areas.


The Institute for Middle Eastern Studies – Canada (IMESC), seeks to foster knowledge of the Middle East, its societies and cultures, and its potential global economic, political and social impact. IMESC is dedicated to supporting educational programs that focus on the Middle East, and supports an exchange of culture and heritage between the Middle East and Canada through research, training, workshops, symposiums, conferences, social and educational public gatherings and heritage exhibitions.

Aiming to deepen understanding of the Middle East amongst scholars, students, and the broader public, IMESC encourages young researchers from the Middle East and Canada, to increase their knowledge about this critical region by providing them with the necessary platform to express and publish their research and work. In addition, IMESC encourages intellectual collaboration amongst the academic community on the Middle East. It also functions as a coordinating body with international academics and scholars and, therefore, welcomes interdisciplinary perspectives.

IMESC attaches prime importance to gaining first-hand knowledge of socio-political and economic situations, languages, culture and lifestyles of the Middle East based on research and high reading, writing and speaking proficiency. The IMESC aims to promote the academic development of individuals and groups while enhancing the effectiveness of their research and educational possibilities. The IMESC is willing to provide high-quality research study opportunities to young scholars and Arab academics alike.